Free will

Free will

Why didn’t God create us as people who are always good? Why does he allow sin?
The answers become apparent as we investigate God’s character. We see that God is love and gives us free will.
There is a necessary linkage and tension between love and free will.
True love can exist only when the object of love has freedom to choose whether or not to return love. Otherwise we would be robots rather than persons, and God could never have fulfillment in his love for us.
The stronger and freer we are, the better we will be when we go right, but the worse we will be when we go wrong. That's a necessary RISK of love and free will, inherent in God’s design plan.

Concept of covenant, agreement, promise. One God.

God gave us free will be cause necessary for love. Also gave us free will so we can have experiences. More than feelings. not know what good and bad is without experiencing it, hurt by it and learn from it. This is what makes 'me' to be 'me.'

God's directives

Everyone knows some moral law, only some know God's law.

Chose and elect is largely a matter of time and place.

Every human being subject to moral law. Oportunity of eternal life.

Power of contrary choice. Even God doesn't have this power.

Sin nature

Sin nature

Born with sin nature because have free will

Also born with a good nature.

Fight with each other. Good and evil. Ying and Yang.

Born sinners, but not because Adam apple. Because of conscience and awareness of God.

Put on notice. Need to investigate. God doesn't force.



Part of free will.

  • First encounter with God. The Garden of Eden is the first time and place that man encounters God.
  • First law. God gives his first commandment (law) to man, very clear and simple.
  • First culpable sin. Man commits the first sin for which there is accountability and punishment, a clear violation of God's law, with intent to become like god. There was no guilt before the law.
  • First punishment. Man is punished for his sin by being denied access to eternal life.
  • First marriage. Man and woman are united as one flesh in marriage.
  • First promise. Satan's punishment contained a promise about Jesus, who would come as Savior.
  • First themes. This Eden story introduces the major themes of Christianity, to be understood later from the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • First theology. This story raises controversial issues about basic Christian theology – as the difference between spiritual death and final death, between original sin and sin nature – which can only be resolved by careful study of New Testament scriptures.