Exchange offer
Reported in the Bible 3,000 years before science discovered it!
First paragraph in the Bible
'IN THE BEGINNING God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the face of the deep, and the spirt of God was hovering over the waters.'
(Genesis 1:1-2)

Offer makes sense

This substitution principle (a sacrifice on someone’s part) is similar to what we experience in our human justice system:You violate the law, and the judge orders a fine (a huge fine, more than you have ability to pay). A friend steps in and pays the fine for you. Justice has been served, and it cost you nothing, because of your friend.We see that principle in the Old Testament. People sinned, but God accepted an animal on the altar as a sacrifice for sin. God said, then, that if a person is truly sorry for personal sins, he would accept the life of the animal in exchange for sin of the person.As explained in Bible credibility, there is a big difference between the old way (Old Testament) and the new way (New Testament). Then, sacrifices had to be made over and over again, for every sin or batch of sins.Now, Jesus’ death on the cross is the once-for-all sacrifice ... for all sins, for all people, for all times ... BUT the sacrifice must be individually acknowledged and accepted.

Sounds too easy

The exchange offer sounds too good to be true. Too easy, many people say.So why doesn’t God just give this substitution to everyone, automatically? Because that would be meaningless. There would be no real justice involved and no real love involved. We would not be ecstatic about it, and our lives would not be changed by it.Therefore, the Bible says, to get this exchange – often called salvation – there are two conditions:1  We must ask forgiveness for our sins and sincerely desire to stop repeating them.2  We must claim Jesus as our exchange – or, in a common way of saying it, accept Jesus as personal Savior.This is individual action, not something conferred by family or church. It is free, for everyone. It can never be bought or earned by good works.A person can accept Jesus as personal savior at any time, any place, alone or with others, purposefully coming into the conscious presence of God.A person does not need to clean up his or her life first. God will immediately grant forgiveness and begin transforming and empowering that person’s life for the better.The people who say this is too easy probably have not done it, proving that it is not easy, because of pride. God demands humility and confession.

Christianity different

It's here where Christianity differs from most religions.
Religions say that we must, by self effort, balance the weight of all our sin against the weight of all our sacrifices, rituals and good deeds and that we achieve favor with God by doing more good than bad.
But the Bible says we can NEVER make enough sacrifices, perform enough rituals or do enough good deeds to overcome our sin.

Bible was right

It's only within the last 60 years that science has acknowledged that the earth has NOT ALWAYS EXISTED but rather had a formless beginning from massive external power, just as the Bible has said all along.

It's highly unlikely that any writer three thousand years ago could know about the big bang without divine revelation from the designer/creator.

Scientific comfirmation increases confidence in the Bible and provides another REASON for Christian faith.

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