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One God Only
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One God only

No idols or other gods

Science makes the case for God

Science and the Bible are not enemies.

In fact, science is making the case for belief in a single almighty creator God – ONLY ONE GOD!

In ancient times, people believed in many gods. Even at time of Jesus, the prevailing understanding of deity was a pantheon of gods.

People believed that hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and diseases were the wrath of angry gods. The gods had to be placated with offerings and rituals.

But the Bible message is that there is ONE GOD!

  • About 4000 BC, God revealed himself to Adam in a physical form as ONE GOD!
  • About 2000 BC, Abraham was called by God to go to Egypt (nearly a two thousand mile walk), carrying that message. He became the father of monotheism – Jews, Christians and Muslims – teaching the world that there is ONE GOD.
  • About 1500 BC, Moses became leader of the Jewish nation (Israel) and received the Ten Commandments from God. The first commandment was, 'I am the Lord your God ... You shall have no other gods before me.' The main theme of the Old Testament – the story of God's chosen people – is that there is ONE GOD.
  • About 30 AD, Jesus gave this first commandment for Christians:  ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' ONE GOD.
Science has been a great help to Christianity by revealing a single master design plan, leaving no doubt that the world is NOT run by a pantheon of gods and that natural disasters and illnesses are NOT caused by the wrath of the gods but by natural laws emanating from an intelligent and predictable master plan of life.

For most people today, the choice is not which spiritual deity to worship, but whether to acknowledge and obey the ONE GOD.

 The purpose of this site is to help Christians engage in intelligent and persuasive conversations with doubters and unbelievers
Helping Christians engage in intelligent and persuasive conversations with doubters and unbelievers