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Adam and the Dinosaurs
Deals directly with some of men's most troubling Bible questions
Most churches are afraid to discuss these issues regarding science, scripture and tradition
What God was doing in our universe for 13.8 billion years before Adam sinned
If we don't get this right, the Bible is contradictory and confusing
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Peel away layers of church tradition not taught by Jesus or his disciples
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  • Big Bang?
  • Bible creation 'days'?
  • Evolution?
  • Death on earth before sin?
  • People before Adam?
  • Everyone born guilty for Adam's sin (original sin)?
  • Burn in hell forever even if never heard about Jesus?
  • Church tradition vs. Bible statements
All verses – pro and con – laid out for you to see what the Bible actually says
Intense interest and lively group participation
These are important topics that most men have never before studied and discussed together with other men
Independent study / not affiliated with any church, school, business or organization of any kind