Bible Studies for Men

Two new Bible studies for today's men

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Adam and the Dinosaurs
Early life on earth / Basic theological issues

Answers many troubling questions

This Bible study answers basic spiritual questions people are asking today: World less than 10,000 years old? ... God created everything in six days? ... Adam first person on earth? ... No death before Adam sinned? ... Everyone guilty for Adam's sin? ... Burn in hell forever?

This study lays the foundation for basic doctrines of Christian faith.

Biblical but not traditional

Don't believe everything you've been told. You'll be surprised to see for yourself what the Bible actually says about these issues.

Most Bible studies are fill-in-the-blanks type which direct you to feed back answers that fit a particular theology, often supported by verses pulled out of context. This is an objective study – a real study – where every verse in the Bible on the topic is laid out for you to read so you can draw your own conclusions, aided by commentary here and group discussion.

This will challenge some of your beliefs. It will liberate you from many of your nagging doubts.

Why men like it

Men like this Bible study because it is learning from vigorous discussion – Socratic method – rather than rote learning from a teacher. Members of the group learn from each other.

No required writing. Notes if you like ...

Always available online.

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Family Table Talk
Helping Dad answer the tough questions

Different kind of Bible study

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