Preparing for spiritual dialog
Be ready to give compelling answers for the tough questions
'Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the REASON for the hope that you have.'  – I Peter 3:15 NIV)
Hill Cities to help test a new kind of Bible study
There's a new website and training resource being developed to equip men for intelligent and persuasive dialog with doubters.
The site is called Thinkers Bible Studies. It's online now at in its early form of development.
Thinkers has asked Hill Cities for help in critiquing the first portions of this site for: (1) accuracy in Bible interpretation, (2) ease of reading and navigation, and (3) practical value in facilitating spiritual dialog with unbelievers.
Hill Cities men will test two new Bible studies
Four sessions is not nearly enough time to discuss the extensive materials in each of these studies, but enough time to get reaction and feedback on this kind of Bible study. Each man gets all the materials and can continue as desired on personal time.
How is this Bible study different?
HARD QUESTIONS. This is not a soft-ball site, just giving back answers the author wants. This is hard-ball, dealing directly with the hard questions people are asking today. This is the kind of site men need and like.
DEEPER. This is much deeper than most Bible studies. For each topic, you select the depth level you want. You can skim the surface for just key points, or go all the way back to the original Hebrew/Greek, or anywhere in-between.
IN THE CLOUD. No need for paper. Everything is in the cloud, instantly accessible anywhere and any time, automatically formatted for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. For your study, review or reference, a tap of your finger brings up whatever you need in three seconds! (If you want paper, just click PDF button and you get hard copy for notes and handouts.)
TIME-SAVING EFFICIENCY. All relevant Bible verses are laid out for you ready-to-read in NIV version. No need for look-up, but there are links to different translations if you want nuances and verifications. Well-organized and easy navigation.
SOCRATIC METHOD. The Socratic method of learning is not lecture or fill-in-the-blanks, but lively questioning and discussion, respecting everyone's opinion. This is the best method for comprehension and retention. Each study is packed with relevant Bible verses and discussion material.
PURPOSE. The specific purpose of Thinkers Bible Studies is not about acquiring more knowledge or inspiration but about becoming a more confident and persuasive Christian in conversations with unbelievers. These studies get you prepared with compelling answers and interesting explanations.
Is this Hill Cities' doctrine?
Hill Cities has men from many different spiritual perspectives in its Bible studies. Hill Cities does not try to mould men into any particular doctrinal position but gets men to study the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to interpret scripture into each man's heart and life.
Thinkers Bible Studies challenge some traditional church doctrines. Leaders within Hill Cities may or may not agree with certain interpretations expressed in these Bible studies, but objectives are accomplished every time men get immersed in scripture ... think and pray about what they have read ... and arrive at informed personal conclusions.
Considering differing points of view is helpful in solidifying one's own beliefs.
What groups will test this? When?
Beta testing of the Thinkers Bible Studies will occur in two or more groups in the spring of 2020. These studies will be inserted as a transition between regular studies. Jeff Hagen will announce timing to the participating groups.
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