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Burn in hell forever?

Jesus didn't say it
For centuries, burning in hell forever was a tactic used to scare people into Christian faith, but today there is probably no greater barrier to faith than portraying God as an unloving and unjust monster who will torture most people in the cruelest way imaginable, even people who never even heard of Jesus.
Suppose you are with two Christians. One says that the Bible does not say anywhere that hell is forever, that it is a church doctrine contrary to the clear teaching of Jesus.
The other says that this is what the Bible says, whether we like it or not, but cannot say where the Bible says it and admits to having never personally studied it.
Then they turn to YOU and ask what YOU think, based on your reading of scripture.
This Bible study can help with your answer. Here you find six verses that say that hell fire is eternal. However, just because the fire burns forever does not compel a conclusion that people burn forever.
Here you also find thirty verses that clearly say that people will die in the fire ('second death'), time and severity dependent upon God's judgment for each person's individual sins.
Jesus said that in hell people will be burned up, destroyed, consumed, and perish.
So how would YOU answer? Can you find a single verse anywhere in the Bible that says that any person alive now, or any person who has ever lived, will burn in hell forever?
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