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Garden of Eden / original sin

Inquiries about Adam and Eve and first sin

what was the original sin

what happened to the garden of eden

where is the garden of eden

god in the garden of eden

who sinned first in garden of eden

is everyone guilty for adams sin

who lived in the garden of eden

do people go to hell because adam sinned

is original sin same as ancestral sin

Adam sinned.
Everyone guilty?

Garden of Eden
'Original sin'

Neighbor hears Christians say:  The earth was a perfect paradise until Adam ruined God's creation and caused death to everything by eating some forbidden fruit.
Neighbor hears Christians say:  Everyone is born personally guilty for what Adam did and, without Jesus, will burn in hell forever as punishment ... even people who never heard of Adam or Jesus.
How would YOU answer your neighbor who thinks that's preposterous, and certainly not an all-powerful God of love and justice. He doesn't want any part of it. Can you find and explain what the Bible actually says about him being guilty for Adam's sin?
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