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This is your group Bible study
Family Table Talk #1
This study is foundation for the entire Bible. It addresses perceived conflicts with science that creat huge barriers to Christian faith in the modern world.
Topics for ongoing conversation
Teens and adult children
PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY. These Bible studies use the Socratic method of learning, named from Socretes, the great thinker. This method is based on open questioning and discussion rather than fill-in-the-blanks.
COUNTER OUTSIDE TEACHING. The Socratic method is deep learning in a group setting,
DINNER TABLE. Dinner table a good place, but could be anywhere, evening in riding care together.
RESPECT. Gain respect from children.
NO AFFILIATIONS. This site and the Bible studies here are not affiliated in any way with any church, school, business or other organization. This is non-denominational and non-profit.
BIBLE-BASED. All Christians use the same Bible (translations of the original Hebrew and Greek). The base here is the Bible, by direct study, not theologians or church traditions. The Bible should be the foundation for all Christian faith and practice. People who use this study are usually surprised at the many major variances between Bible teaching and church teaching. Everything here is documented from the Bible.
Cloud access
MODERN WORLD. The best information systems in the modern world are the ones that provide instant access to desired information, delivered wirelessly to desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones with a just few taps of a finger. The ultimate is to eliminate books, payments and file cabinets and keep helpful information in pocket or purse for ready reference. This is what Thinkers Bible Studies does, giving you state-of-the-art information technology for accelerated learning to help you become a more influential Christian in the modern world.
DESIGNED FOR SCREEN. The Bible studies on this site are designed primarily for use in modern screen display. The studies are easily read in just the right screen size on all modern digital devices. And, with click of a button, pages of special interest can be sent to friends via email, texting and social media.
ALSO PRINT ON PAPER. Some people still want hard copy on paper, and that's available from this site, too. Every page has a Print PDF button which, when clicked, brings up a re-sized printer-friend PDF that can be printed on your desktop printer.
EVERYTHING FREE. No cost. No registration. No tracking. No advertising. No solicitation.
Note to leader (parent)
May or may not want to show this site. Important thing to be prepared.