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Doubters and unbelievers

Church decline and huge generational shift

Poor communication with doubters and unbelievers

Over the past 50 years, Christians in America have been failing badly in the commission from Jesus to 'make disciples' (Matthew 28:19). Christians have been relying on religious institutions to do it for them, but it's not working.

There is no good substitute for Christians sharing their faith in personal conversations with family, friends, neighbors, and associates.

The big problem is that most Christians today don't know how to share their faith confidently, intelligently and persuasively with doubters and unbelievers. They don't know how to answer the tough questions. They get beat up in deep discussion. So they keep quiet about their faith.

Churches have been so busy reaffirming tradition to the faithful, and keeping the faithful comfortable, that they have neglected the hard task of strategically training them for effective dialog with people who have never heard a clear and sensible presentation of the gospel.

Old models of evangelism don't work well anymore in the modern world.

We can no longer assume that nearly everyone in the United States has some basic understanding of the Bible and Christian life. For a huge and growing segment of our population, it's a blank slate ... or worse, as religion is increasingly being regarded as a scourge on society.

People are very smart and well-informed today. They shoot down Christians with tough questions that most Christians are not prepared to answer.

Many Christians, too, have private doubts and questions that need to be resolved.

People of the new generations – like the people you meet in the videos below – think differently from people of the old generations. Without better understanding and communication, it's like ships passing in the night.


Younger generations turning non-Christian

Christians failing badly in mission

There is no end to voluminous statistics on the state of the church and individual spiritual beliefs and practices. There's so much data that it makes our heads spin ... and eventually, we become numb and desensitized by it.

On this site, we use only one chart – below – because it shows the big picture clearly and undeniably.

This chart is the motivation for this website.

Updated source 2021: Pew Research Center
The age groups are known by these names: Silent generation (over 75), Baby Boomers (57-75), Generation X (41-56), Older Millennials (32-40), Younger Millennials (25-31) and Gen Z (15-24).


Understand how they think

These videos were a catalyst for this site

Interviewers went out on the streets of Minneapolis and asked random Millennials what they think about God, the Bible, purpose in life, what happens after death, and other spiritual topics.

Going beyond the statistics, their answers reveal how badly Christians are failing to communicate the gospel message to the young generations. Hear their words and tone ... watch their expressions and gestures ... feel their emotion ...


How this site can help

This site is for Christians who want to effectively communicate the gospel to people like the ones you meet in the videos above.

On this site, you will find help for responding to their misunderstandings of Christian faith and the Bible, and you will get prepared for the tough questions they ask.

Thinkers Bible Studies will help you become a more confident, respected and persuasive Christian.

Helping Christians engage in intelligent and persuasive conversations with doubters and unbelievers