Helping Christians engage in easy and pleasant
conversations with doubters and unbelievers
Doubters and unbelievers
Purpose of this site:
To equip Christians for intelligent and persuasive dialog with doubters and unbelievers ... to give compelling answers for the tough questions.
More than half of U.S. population consists of doubters and unbelievers:
• DOUBTERS = People who say 'Christian' when asked about their religion but privately don't believe many of the traditional church doctrines (about 30% of U.S. population)
• UNBELIEVERS = People who do not say 'Christian' when asked in surveys about their religion (about 25% of U.S. population)
This chart – and detail in the research reports below – show that more than half of all people in the United States doubt that the Bible is an understandable and reliable message from God.
A matter of particular concern to Christians is that the proportion of doubters in the U.S. is rising rapidly, particularly 'No Religion' (red line), people now commonly know as the Nones.
Pew Research Center
'Decline of Christianity
Continues at Rapid Pace'
An update on America's changing religious landscape
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'America's Changing
Religious Identity'
Largest religious survey ever
More than 100,000 respondents
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Meet some doubters. We went out on the streets and interviewed these people at random. Here are video clips that reveal their spiritual orientation.
Good communication always starts by understanding the other person's point of view ... and then building a bridge. In the modern world, here are starting points for spiritual conversation:
12 Street interviews
11 Street interviews
11 Street interviews
7 Street interviews
Focus group
In preparation for development of this website, and as a joint project with Steiger International, Thinkers went out on the streets of Minneapolis and interviewed 72 Millennials at random, asking what they think about God, Bible, Jesus, sin, heaven, hell and other Christian beliefs. Their views were captured on the above videos. Audio interviews were also made.
This random street interviewing – and continuing interviewing – is done to better understand how doubters think ... how to break down barriers ... how to explain the gospel in ways that make sense to people who have little or no understanding of the Bible, to people who have only mis-information that make Christianity seem weird.
(These videos are copyrighted by Thinkers Bible Studies and may not be shown apart from this website without permission.)
What are they listening to?
Pop music describes the culture
Listening to songs touch people's hearts and speak in profound ways. Pop music is a representation of what's changing around us. It tells what's on people minds and how people feel about their circumstances. One way to understand culture is to listen to the music of the day.
Top songs this week
Some artists require you to buy the music before you can see the lyrics. Most of the time, however, within each song box in Billboard, click the very small 'MORE' by the large 'HIT NUMBER' and you will find the lyrics.
Christians getting bad reputation
Most church goers are unaware of the tide of hostility coming fast against 'stupid Christians.' Stupid is the word that seems to be heard most these days.
Much of this bad reputation is the fault of Christians, for living in a kind of cocoon, for not engaging with non-Christians enough to know what they're thinking, for not having the knowledge and skills to communicate with them at the spiritual level.
In the modern world, we need to explain the Christian faith in intelligent ways.
Here are responses we have received from some unbelievers who have stumbled across this site. Some of the words are vile, but it is important to recognize that this is what a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. population thinks about Christians.
Angry comments received:
Religion is about controlling the thoughts of people. It's about suppressing human curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. That's anti-intelligence.
If you can think, then you wouldn't be religious. Believing in the fictional characters and fairy tales of ancient Middle Eastern mythology and the sequels and adaptations by Westerners invariably demands a complete abdication of thought on the part of the brainwashed and indoctrinated delusional believer.
Is this your free will working? Gods says "Fuck You”
“Equipping Christians for intelligent and persuasive dialog with doubters.” That’s a lot of words for “learn how to be a bullshitter.”
It is not a case of "believing" the Bible: its books are so contrary to each other that no one can say they believe... and follow... it all. It was written by humans (and there went the neighborhood...)... but some of those human were good enough to give us SOME ancient human ideas that are still useful today: with some poetry and history thrown in.
Having the words 'thinkers' and 'Bible studies' in the same sentence is an oxymoron.
The Bible doesn't stand up to hard questions.
Religion is about faith, not who has the better argument about what is true and real...............I will be so happy when Jesus shows up again and smacks the fuck out of some people…………………geeeez!
If you were "thinkers" you wouldn't be believing the bible. A book full of stories about magic and ghosts and talking animals. Okay.
The bible is the best way to become an atheist.
If you could think. You wouldn't read the Bible.
The metamorphose of Jesus Christ from a humble servant of the abject poor to a symbol that stands for gun rights, prosperity theology, anti-science, degrading the destitute, and violent nationalism is truly the strangest transformation in human history.
Thinkers and bronze age myth believers are not compatible demographics.
The only place that sin exists is in the bible, the only place that offers a cure is in the bible. It’s the original Ponzi scheme. When people try to tell you something is wrong with you and then have the cure for it watch out.
Bible The Book of Lies, the book of fools.
Stop fooling yourself with religious faith they are all based on fear, ignorance and superstition.
How you can use the word "thinker" and "bible" in the same sentence is a complete mystery.
Thinkers bible! OXYMORON!
Breeding slaves? I question the wisdom of worshipping a god that literally authorized the breeding of slaves (Exodus 21:4). I feel that in making excuses for such immorality authored by your god erodes ones ability to clearly define a moral and ethical center/code.
For God so loved the world he condemned everyone to hell for eternity unless they kiss his ass through his son, who he had brutally killed because he decided that was the only way he could forgive anyone.
Religion. A steaming pile of myth.
A new study conducted by researchers from the UK and the Netherlands found that a lack of religion is correlated with increased intelligence.
What sort of an alleged omnipotent "god" would produce a "guidebook" that would be so poorly written that it would require "study"...
Look here brother, who you jivin with that cosmic debris?
"Thinkers" read more than one book, you troglodytes!
There is an oxymoron for you!
Your beliefs are stupid. You believe that a god (who is three entities in one) set up a world where everyone will be eternally punished simply for being human. Then, he sacrifices himself to himself so people can be saved from what he was going to do to them, provided they follow a set of arbitrary and often immoral rules and abase themselves before him. Yet, he loves them. Stupidity.
Stop sharing it, we don't need your fairytales.
The astonishing arrogance of christians never ceases to amaze. They actually think that rejecting reason in favor of mindless faith makes them and their lives better. They actually think that because they are so limited mind that they accept the nonsense of the bible that they are in a position to lecture those who know more. It is disgusting.
What sort of an alleged omnipotent " god" would produce a " guidebook" that would be so poorly written that it would require " study"...
I'm an atheist and really have better things to do that study a book most Christians have never bothered to read.
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