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Do dinosaurs disprove the Bible?

Ever since a young child, Jack has always been fascinated by dinosaurs. He learned their types and names in school ... watched them in cartoons and movies ... played with them in video games ... marveled at their skeletons in museums.
Jack is now a university senior, a biology major. He no longer believes like his parents, and he stopped attending church several years ago.
At home and in church, Jack had been taught that everything – cosmos, dinosaurs, humans, everything! – came into existence all in a single week, less than 10,000 years ago. If that's what the Bible says, Jack concluded, 'I can no longer believe the Bible.'
Jack had been told repeatedly in many ways that the Bible and science are in conflict and that he must choose one or the other. He chose science.
If you had some time alone with Jack, would you try to convince him that science is wrong ... or that he had been taught the wrong version of God's marvelous creation story?
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