Tips for using
Tips for using

Site structure

Almost all of the questions doubters and unbelievers ask about Christianity fall into three distinct categories: ORIGIN (how did I get here?), PURPOSE (why am I here?) and DESTINY (where am I going?).

So that's the organization structure for this site.

Issues will be covered in this chronological order as encountered, not necessarily in order of greatest importantance. Also, this is the order in which new pages are added.

Macro and Micro topics

A total of 31 major topics (Macro topics) are planned for this site. In addition, each Macro topic will have several Micro topics with supplemental information for deeper study.

This site is still in the early stages of development. Four Macro topics and sixteen Micro topics are online at this time. New material is being added every week.

Numbering system

ORIGIN is series 1.0, PURPOSE is series 2.0, and DESTINY is series 3.0, and each subordinate macro topic is is identified by a dot-number after the series number. For example, the first topic, Big Bang, is identified as 1.1. Each Micro topic (study in greater depth) is identified by addition of another dot-number, as 1.1.1.

Anyone can tell where a topic fits in the scheme by its number.

Remember the purpose

The purpose of this site is not to provide academic knowledge about the Bible, or to get comfort from the Bible, but rather to equip Christians for spiritual conversations with doubters and unbelievers.

Many interesting Bible subjects are intentionally omitted here because they are not relevant for this audience and purpose.

Upper right corner

There is an orange colored 'hamburger' at the upper right corner of every page.

Tap the hamburger to see the Menu. Tap any topic on the menu to get the desired page.

Upper left corner

Tap the logo at the upper left corner of every page to get the home page.

The topic and topic number appears beside the logo.

Under the logo there are word buttons to navigate to the previous page, next page and page with most related micro topic for deeper study.

Blue bar

Some pages would get too long if all of relevant verses and information displayed initially, so some material is hidden beneath a blue bar. Tap the bar to expand the page and show more material.

Buttons, links and colors

Buttons and links are clearly marked throughout the site for easy navigation to any desired topic.

Color orange means that the material is on another page in the site. Tap the button or link and the new page loads in one second.

Color blue means that the material is on a section of the current page. Tap the button and the page automatically scrolls to that section.

Internal search engine

This site has a built-in search engine for finding any subject covered here. Just enter a key word or phrase. A search engine entry box is at the bottom of every page and also at top of the Menu (click orange 'hamburger' in upper right corner of every page).


Short-form page sharing

This site has a feature that enables you to instantly share a page with another person during a conversation, using a short-form URL, so you're both looking at the same page together during your discussion. Just click the lightning bolt on the major pages that support this feature.

Socratic method of learning

These Bible studies are designed for the Socratic method learning. Named after Socretes, the great thinker, this method uses open questioning and discussion rather than fill-in-the-blanks.

The Socratic method is not directed by an author who wants a pre-determined answer, but rather by an open study of all relevant Bible verses on topic, allowing human mind and Holy spirit to lead, unfettered by tradition and peer pressure.

The Socratic method is universally acknowledged to be the best method for deep learning of philosophical, political and religious concepts. It is the most honest and objective method because it does not start with preconceived outcomes. The Socratic method is particularly effective for discussion between two or more people who have mutual respect for each other.

Handy resource

This site is designed as a handy resource for pocket or purse which can be instantly accessed at any place or time when a Bible question comes to mind.

To be most useful, bookmark this site on your device as

Come back often for review, deeper study and/or new material.

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