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This is your group Bible study
Family Table Talk #1
This study is foundation for the entire Bible. It addresses perceived conflicts with science and history that create huge barriers to Christian faith in the modern world.
Topics for ongoing conversation
Don't let influence of school and friends take over their lives
You may be unaware of that many things being taught in school that undermine the Christian faith you want for your children.
You can have a huge influence on their spiritual lives just by sitting around the family dinner table and talking casually, intelligently and persuasively about basic theology.
Earn respect by by having good answers for their questions
You don't get respect just by being a parent. You have to earn it with your own life.
You will get respect and influence with your children if you can give compelling answers to their hard questions about God and the Bible.
Here's help for parents
TOOLS YOU NEED. This Bible study gives you the tools you need to engage in significant spiritual conversation with your children, especially teens. They will be amazed at the way you speak with knowledge and confidence on all the big issues. This is an online package of training and resources unlike anything you've ever seen before.
DINNER TABLE. Dinner table a good place to talk, a natural and relaxed setting, but spiritual conversations with children can happen anywhere, even riding in the car together.
NOW IS THE TIME. Children are growing up fast. After it's too late, many parents regret not taking time to cultivate their spiritual formation. If now now, when?
LOVE YOUR KIDS. Love is more than just warm feelings. Love is action for their well-being. Nothing is more important than giving them spiritual guidance. Being too busy is never a good excuse.
NO AFFILIATIONS. This site and the Bible studies here are not affiliated in any way with any church, school, business or other organization. This is non-denominational and non-profit.
BIBLE-BASED. All Christians use the same Bible (translations from the same original Hebrew and Greek). The base here is the Bible, by direct study, not theologians or church traditions. People who encounter this study are usually surprised at the many major variances between Bible teaching and church teaching. Everything here is documented with direct references to the Bible so you see the actual words of scripture in their actual context.
Cloud access
MODERN WORLD. This is a modern Christian information system. It provides instant access to desired information, delivered wirelessly to desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones with a just few taps of a finger. This eliminates books, payments and file drawers. This keeps important spiritual information in pocket or purse for ready reference. This gives you state-of-the-art information technology for accelerated learning and helps you become a more influential Christian in the modern world.
DESIGNED FOR SCREEN. The Bible studies on this site are designed primarily for use in modern screen display. They adjust automatically to your exact screen size at the moment, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. And with click of a button, pages of special interest can be sent to friends via email, texting and social media.
ALSO PAPER. Some people still want hard copy on paper, and that's also available on this site. Every page has a Print PDF button which, when clicked, brings up a re-sized printer-friendly PDF with space for notes that can be printed on any desktop printer.
EVERYTHING FREE. No cost. No registration. No tracking. No advertising. No solicitation. It's fast, easy and confidential to share information here.
Note to parent
KNOWLEDGE OF THIS SITE. You may or may not want your children to know you are using the site. The site is for YOU, not THEM (except indirectly).
ONGOING CONVERSATION. This is not like the typical Bible study in which you do the lessons and then it's over. This is ongoing, continuing even when your children are adults. This is a way of thinking, with direct connections to the Bible. This is a resource you can consult anywhere at any time with just a few taps on your computer or phone.
LOTS OF QUESTIONS. This is not a fill-in-the-blanks directed Bible study. This is open-ended, based on spontaneous questions and discussions. Be prepared for wherever the conversation leads.
BE A LEARNER, TOO. There are things your children can teach you. Be humble. Ask questions of them. Show respect for their opinions. Be a gentle spiritual leader.
Family Table Talk #1