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Adam and the Dinosaurs
This study covers early life on earth and is foundational for the entire Bible. It also addresses perceived conflicts with science which are creating huge barriers to Christian faith in the modern world.
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TIME AND INTEREST. Not every member of the group will have the same amount of time and interest in any particular topic, so Bible studies here are organized into various depth levels. Some people will give only enough study time for a summary at the surface level ... some will dig deeper into the issues and materials ... some might even go to the deepest level and examine the original Hebrew and Greek. With a tap of your finger, you can go up and down to whatever level you want.
TEACH ONE ANOTHER. Because this is the Socratic method of learning, people who go deeper will share in discussion with those who stayed at the surface level. All will benefit and have a memorable sense of group understanding and accomplishment. Learning and discovering from one another has greater long-term effect than hearing something from an outside speaker.
Socratic method
SOCRATIC. These Bible studies are designed for the Socratic method of learning. Named after Socrates, the great thinker, this method uses open questioning and discussion rather than fill-in-the-blanks.
UNDERSTANDING. The Socratic method is usually regarded as the best method for deep learning of philosophical, political and religious concepts. It is the most honest and objective method because it does not start with preconceived outcomes. It is the most comprehensive and retentive method because understanding is developed in a group setting.
DISCOVERY. The Socratic method is not preaching or proclamation. It is discussion on a focused issue, based on important materials at hand, but not limited to those materials. The group respects each member's point of view, and no one is made to feel embarrassed or in error. In Christian use of the Socratic method, the Bible is the authority, and discussion is for better understanding and application.
See how Apostle Paul used the Socratic method
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DEPTH LEVELS. Explain how this Bible study has three depth levels: (1) Reading the text as initially displayed on screen, (2) Clicking the 'More' buttons embedded into the text to open up the text for more information in accordion fashion, and (3) Selecting pages in the Going Deeper section of each topic. Each person can choose his or her own levels. Of course, the best learning occurs when all depth levels are used.
BIBLE-CENTERED. Keep discussion on topic. Don't affirm or attack the doctrine of any particular denomination or person. Don't let anyone dominate.
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Adam and the Dinosaurs