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Bible and Big Bang
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Big Bang

God's instant creation of the universe
Big bang in bible
Answered here from the Bible

🟩 Is there a transcendent Designer/Creator ... or did the universe come into existence by itself by chance from nothing?

🟩 Is the Big Bang in the Bible?

🟩 Does the Bible say that the earth is less than 10,000 years old?

🟩 Is there an inherent conflict between science and the Bible?

🟩 Does belief in an old earth have any effect on the New Testament gospel?

🟩 Why does the beginning even matter?

Big bang in bible
See what the Bible actually says
This Discovery section searches the Bible for answers to the questions above and provides information for intelligent and persuasive conversations with doubters and unbelievers

Why this is important

With regard to the age of the earth, most Christians just shrug off the issue by saying, It doesn't matter to me whether the earth is young or old. It doesn't make any difference.

But this response misses the real issue: It's not about us! It's about them!

Bible credibility is the issue. If the Bible is wrong about the age of the earth, doubters and unbelievers can reasonably conclude that it is probably wrong about other matters, too, and that the Bible cannot be trusted as a book of truth.

Similarly, personal testimony is greatly diminished if others think Christians are uneducated, naive, or brain-washed.

It's important to get it right about the age of the earth to establish respect and influence.

Maybe the subject will never come up in open conversation, but every Christian should be ready if it does. Even if doubters don't raise the issue, they think about it! In some situations, a Christian should raise the issue just to flush out hidden misunderstandings and establish better rapport.

This section gives reasons for believing that God formed the earth over long periods of time ... and that science and the Bible are not enemies.


'In the beginning ... '

'IN THE BEGINNING God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the face of the deep, and the spirt of God was hovering over the waters.' – Genesis 1:1-2
RESTATED IN TODAY'S LANGUAGE: God created the universe instantly with a release of divine energy beyond human comprehension, the Big Bang. Everything was vaporized with heat so intense that even light could not penetrate it. Vapors eventually cooled to form the earth's core with a crust and a deep watery surface. God was getting ready to do something special here!

This is all the information the Bible provides about the creation of the universe. To say more would have created credibility issues for people in earlier times who didn't have the historical and scientific understanding we have today.

These first two verses of the Bible are just an introductory summary of God's creation. See Bible study here on how God brought life to earth in six stages called 'days,' in essentially the same sequence as modern science now explains it – written in the Bible more than 3,500 years ago!


Science discovered it 3,500 years later

Old science was 'steady-state' (until 1960-1980)

Until the 1960s, scientists held to the steady-state theory that the universe had no beginning or end in time and that the earth has always existed in one form or another. They scoffed at the Bible for saying the earth had a beginning.

The first use of the term 'big bang' was by astronomer Fred Hoyle in a BBC broadcast in 1949 when he said that a new theory was being proposed by some radical astronomers 'based on the hypothesis that all matter in the universe was created in one big bang at a particular time in the remote past.' He argued against the theory and said it was 'irrational and outside science.'

However, as a result of better telescopes and computers, by the 1980s the 'Big Bang' had become the dominant explanation by astronomers and astrophysicists.

New science is 'Big Bang' (since 1980)

Today, the Big Bang is generally regarded as settled science.

The universe started with a 'singularity' (Christians say 'God'), then exploded, expanded and cooled over the next 13.8 billion years into the cosmos we know today – and it is still expanding!

NASA has calculated that In the first second after the universe began the surrounding temperature was more than10 billion degrees Fahrenheit.

Bible has been saying it for thousands of years

The Bible says that 'In the beginning' the earth was 'formless and empty.' Heat was so intense that everything was vaporized, just gasses.

There was 'darkness over the face of the deep.' Light cannot penetrate intense heat.

The 'spirit of God was hovering over the waters' (condensing steam and cooling crust): God was giving special attention to planet earth because He planned to do something very unique and special here, to create life.

The Big Bang is what scientists have been saying for less than 80 years but what the Bible has been saying for more than 3,500 years!

This gives us great confidence in the Bible because the writer of Genesis could not have known about the Big Bang that long ago except by special revelation from the Creator.

Churches silent about it

One would think that churches would be enthusiastically telling parishioners about this very significant change in scientific understanding, which greatly strengthens the credibility of the Bible.

Instead, churches have been silent about it. Most Christians are completely unaware that science has changed its basic thinking and now agrees with the Bible regarding the instant creation of the universe.

This is a sad commentary on the underlying hostility between church and science, so strong that most pastors don't even want to bring science into the conversation.


Bible and science both seek the truth

Science and theology both seek the truth

There can be no difference between true science and true Christianity because both seek truthand there is only ONE TRUTH!

Science inquires into the physical, and Christianity inquires into the spiritual. They make different inquiries in different ways, but both are part of the same quest for truth.

Conflicts between science and the Bible have resulted from a lack of knowledge at particular times in history but are eventually resolved. For example:

World was flat. Christians fought the theory advanced by Pythagoras that the earth is round, not flat. They argued from four Bible verses that refer to 'the four corners of the earth.' The earth can't be round, they said, because the Bible says it has corners. And they argued from eight verses in the King James version about distance that say to 'the end of the earth.' The earth can't be round, they said, because it would then have no end. Christians once quibbled over 'corners' and 'ends' the way we quibble over 'days.'

World was stationary. Christians fought the theory advanced by Copernicus that the earth revolves around the sun. They believed that God made the earth the center of everything and argued from Psalm 104:5 ('He established the earth upon its foundations ...') and Psalm 93.2 ('... the earth is firmly established, it will not be moved'). They quibbled over 'established' and 'foundations' the way we quibble over 'days.'

Universe had no beginning. Similarly, on the other side, scientists fought the Bible's teaching that the universe had a beginning. They claimed for centuries that the universe has always existed (steady-state theory), and they scoffed at Christians for believing that God spoke it into existence.

Eventually, Christians accepted the fact that the world is not flat and stationary ... and scientists have now accepted the fact that the universe had a beginning.

Conflicts in wording and understanding are usually resolved over time as we get more facts. Still, in the meantime, there have been many unnecessary battles that have undermined confidence in the Bible.

Today, a good study of both the Bible and science will reconcile God's word with God's world. Properly understood, science is just our growing understanding of God's marvelous creation.

Science makes a case for God

Science and the Bible are not enemies.

In fact, science is making a case for belief in a single almighty Designer/Creator God – ONE GOD, not many Gods.

For most of human history, people believed in a pantheon of gods.

People believed that hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, and diseases were the wrath of the angry gods who had to be appeased with offerings and rituals. Many early Christians were persecuted and even put to death because they did not honor the local gods and thus were blamed for bringing punishments upon the community.

Science has been a great help to Christianity by revealing a single master design plan, leaving no doubt that a pantheon of gods does NOT run the world and that natural disasters and illnesses are NOT caused by wrath of the gods but by natural laws emanating from an intelligent and predictable master plan for the universe.

For most people in the United States today, the choice is not which spiritual deity to worship, but whether or not to acknowledge and obey the ONE Designer/Creator God.

See Bible study here on one God only for this foundational Christian belief.

SCIENCE is discovery of God's physical design plan
THEOLOGY is discovery of God's spiritual design plan


above nature and very old

Universe began externally, not within nature

There are no natural explanations for either the existence or the purpose of the universe.

If the Big Bang is the beginning of nature, then some intelligence and power outside of nature and greater than nature had to trigger the Big Bang, to start everything out of nothing, and to establish the predetermined laws of nuclear energy, physics, and chemistry that enabled it to develop with orderly precision.

Christians believe that divine intelligence and power is the only reasonable explanation for an instant universe of such magnitude, majesty, and precision.

Scientists call this source the 'singularity;' Christians know it as 'God.'

The Big Bang does not push God out of creation. It just explains God's method and timing. Like everything else scientific, God lets us learn more and more over time about His creation and how it works.

God's timing

Genesis 1:1-2 says that, at first, the earth was formless, empty, and dark. Now it has form, content, and light. Therefore we know from the Bible that the earth was NOT created instantly in its present form. Enormous changes have occurred over time in the earth's structure and content.

The only question is: How much time?

The Bible does not specifically tell in years when the Big Bang occurred, but scientists are now in agreement that it was approximately 13.8 billion years ago.

Earth is very old

The earth (solid) is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Apparently, it took about 9.3 billion years – the time between Genesis 1:2 and Genesis 1:6 – for the gasses to cool and form a liquid core with solid crust covered mostly by water. Then God began shaping the earth and putting life on it.

See Bible study here on God's six stages of transformation.

The compiler/writer of Genesis could not have had this amazing scientific insight more than three thousand years ago without special revelation from the Designer/Creator.

 See Bible study here on why creation 'day' is more than 24-hours.

The earth is still cooling, a whirling glob of molten minerals, 8,000 miles in diameter, with a thin crust (typically 5-25 miles) that supports life. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the known universe.

And now spiritual life

The Bible and the scientific community are now in essential agreement about the beginning of our physical world.

But there's another part of our world that came later – the non-physical part, even more complex than any physical BODY the human SOUL (mind, will, and emotion) and human SPIRIT (connection to God).

Topic 2.4 (coming soon) will investigate from scripture how humans are made in the image of God: A human trinity (soul, body and spirit) which mirrors God's trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).


for acknowledging Big Bang

✓ REASON 1. Bible said it first
Genesis 1:1-2 (quoted in yellow above), the first words of the Bible, describe the Big Bang. We could not deduce the full massive concept from those few words – and the concept would have been incomprehensible to ancient people – but now with help from modern science we see how everything began in an instant with the Big Bang, the moment when God spoke the universe into existence.
✓ REASON 2. Science now agrees
Until the mid to late 1900s, most scientists believed that the universe had always existed (steady-state) and rejected the idea that it had a beginning. Now, however, virtually all scientists agree that the universe had an instant beginning caused by a 'singularity' (Christians say 'God').
✓ REASON 3. Removes barrier to faith
Jesus gave Christians the commission to 'make disciples.' Christians often thwart the mission by erecting unnecessary barriers to faith. When doubters and unbelievers are told that the Bible says the universe is less than 10,000 years old – and they are convinced by modern knowledge that this is patently false – they assume that the Bible is wrong about other things, too.
✓ REASON 4. Enhances gospel
Accepting the Big Bang does not in any way alter Christology (birth, life, teaching, atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ). Instead, the gospel message is enhanced because it is not tarnished with concerns that the Bible has been proven wrong by science.
✓ REASON 5. Honors God
A universe that unfolds with majestic precision over billions of years is even more marvelous than a universe put together as-is in a week. It diminishes God's creation when people say His creation is less amazing than it really is.


the first and greatest commandment from Jesus

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.'
– Jesus, Matthew 22:37

Nothing is more important than the mind

Jesus said that there is an important connection between your heart (feeling) and your mind (thinking) and that they are equally important in loving God.

Loving God with our mind

And yet, even though coming clearly and directly from the lips of Jesus, the command to love God with your mind seems like a strange statement to most Christians today.

Even though Jesus said that nothing is more important, most Christians do not regard thinking as a spiritual command and experience.

Over the centuries since Jesus, people have been taught to believe that deep thinking about God's word should be left to theologians and pastors ... that deep thinking about God's world should be left to scientists ... and that ordinary Christians should just strive for good feelings.

True Christianity is about faith. It is impossible to build a solid faith on fluctuating feelings. One person's feelings are different than another person's feelings ... here today, gone tomorrow ... all with shifting shades of meaning and intensity.

Strong and lasting faith requires facts and understanding, and that's where thinking comes in. Thinking builds the solid foundation. Later, feelings confirm the reality and give comfort and joy.

Loving God with our mind is hardly ever mentioned in churches these days because emphasis is on arousing feelings though music and preaching.

With emotion, it's easy to create a God modified by our imagination. The dangers of re-characterizing God is illustrated repeatedly on this site by showing common church doctrines that are not completely rooted in scriputure but have been stretched or added to the Bible by tradition. See examples of Bible stretches and add-ons in the panel at bottom of this page.

It's a lazy form of Christianity just to believe whatever spiritual leaders tell us, or what a casual reading of the Bible tells us through their lens, and then sit back and wait for the next wave of feelings.

It's hard work to study scripture (God's word) and science (God's world) to understand God's purposes and methods as best we can ... a form of worship and preparation for service, obeying Jesus' number-one command to 'love God with all your mind.'

'Big Bang' is powerful for the mind

There is probably no topic more awesome and inspiring than the Big Bang, God's instant creation of the universe and then the gradual unfolding of His master plan with majestic precision over billions of years.

It's exciting because God allows us to understand more of His plan and methods with each passing year, individually and collectively, at an accelerating pace.

It's pleasing to God when we obey the first and greatest commandment and investigate scripture (God's word) and science (God's world) for new facts to clarify and strengthen our faith ... and to prepare us for intelligent dialog with the secular world.

It's a sin when we don't care or lack enough interest to think about it.

Big bang in bible
Big Bang

🟩  God did it!

Our finite minds could not comprehend the origin of the universe even if we were given the details. The key point is that God did it! The universe did not come into existence by itself from nothing. It bears ample evidence of transcendent intelligence and power.

🟩  Big Bang

Essentially, the Big Bang is not about science. It is about the moment when God spoke the universe into existence. Science is the gradual discovery of what God created.

🟩  God's method

There is ample evidence for believing that the universe is billions of years old and that the Big Bang was God's method and timing of His creation.

🟩  Science now agrees that there was a beginning

Within the past 60 years, the world's scientific community has completely changed its view about origin of the universe and now agrees with the Bible that there was a moment when the universe came into existence instantly. Christians say, 'God;' secular scientists grudgingly say, 'the singularity.'

🟩  Bible said it first

Genesis 1:1-2 is an amazing description of the Big Bang, written more than 3,500 years ago, but only now understood by our generation in light of modern science.


study at greater depth

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Interesting and thought provoking, following a line of thinking that has interested me for years. To question traditional interpretation doesn't detract from the validity and power of scripture but reinforces it. Jesus was rejected by the religious experts of His day because He didn't fit the traditional interpreting of scripture. We still have much to learn.
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I learned one key thing and that is to be very careful w/pastors speaking lots of stuff from their memory bank & not reading from the word of God to express truth. Recently, I heard a famous pastor out in Georgia saying that Adam was the 1st man and I automatically remembered how my friend asked then where did Cain's wife came from if it were only Adam & Eve plus their 2 sons, that provoked me to open up my bible and see for myself and went further to discover that Cain was even afraid that other people would kill him (key that other people existed).
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By observing ruins etc firsthand, my personal opinion is that man existed before Adam. Adam was the first God breathed His Spirit into.
praying Gods direction, provision, and anointing on this site and everyone, like me, blessed enough to have been led to it .
The reason the doctrine of original sin arose, was that Augustine couldn't read Greek and there was an inadequacy at certain points in the Latin translation, resulting in a misunderstanding.
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If for nothing else, this at least may cause someone to dig deeper.
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Christians create barriers to faith by saying the Bible says things that it doesn't actually say.
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