About this site
This site is written and produced by Richard E. Lundborg, individual, and is not for profit or affiliated with any group of any kind.
I WOULD PREFER to remain anonymous, but that arouses suspicions, so here is full disclosure.
I write and produce this site myself to help others in their spiritual journey, with nothing expected in return. I'm just eager to share what I've discovered over the years. This is not affiliated in any way with any church, school, business or other organization.
• I have no theological credentials to offer. I have a full-time law degree and MBA but have never been to seminary. Maybe that's why the presentation here is different from most religious sites. I have studied the Bible carefully for decades, have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and have enjoyed a long and happy Christian life.
I have held management positions in three Fortune 500 corporations ... owned companies of my own (real estate development, mortgage financing and restaurants) ... retired at 49 ... then volunteer consulting with dozens of national and international Christian organizations in strategic planning and fund raising.
I have been a prominent leader in my local church ... traveled in more than 50 countries ... first marriage, three children, twelve grandchildren.
• For this site, I have pulled together important information from the Bible, history and science and have organized all to form a comprehensive and coherent theology built upon documented facts – not just bits and pieces, but the whole of it, summarized here, online in one place.
You can use Google and other research to check the accuracy of everything I say here. My objective is to put the important factual pieces together for easy access and analysis.
I believe that the Bible is the Word of God, the foundation and test for Christian belief. I do not challenge the Bible, but I do challenge some common interpretations of the Bible. I make my case by including many in-depth Bible studies which lay out all relevant Bible quotes in a way that makes it easy for you to see for yourself what the Bible really says.
• This site tells not only WHAT millions of Christians have come to believe, but WHY. Even if you come to different conclusions, I hope this will help you find and articulate the REASONS for your faith.
Most people read the Bible to affirm what they already believe. This may help you read it for new discoveries.
Richard Lundborg
Minneapolis MN / December 2019
'Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the REASON for the hope that you have.'  (I Peter 3:15)
God's help with daily living, total forgiveness of sin and eternal life through Jesus Christ – together called salvation – is a free gift from God. It is helpful, but not necessary, to know the biblical authority and reasons explained in this site. The only thing necessary is to personally accept the gift. Rejecting it or ignoring it is the worst sin and the worst destiny. [See Destiny 3.9]