This site is not for doubters
and unbelievers DIRECTLY

but to help Christians explain to them

About this site


Purpose of this site:

Equipping Christians for intelligent and persuasive dialog with doubters and unbelievers ... getting prepared with compelling answers

Most Christians are unprepared for the tough questions being asked today by well-educated people who need coherent answers.

Most doubters and unbelievers today – particularly the 'nones' – don't go to church, read Christian books or watch Christian media sites. More than a fourth of young Americans today are raised in families where there is no religious teaching at all.

The only way they will understand Christian faith is if Christians tell them in ways they can understand. But most Christians keep silent whenever spiritual conversation get below surface level.

Many Christians think that just living a good life or giving a good testimony is enough. But there are people of all faiths who live good lives and give testimony of some kind of spiritual faith. The modern reaction is, 'That's cool. You have your spirituality, she has hers, he has his, and I have mine. That's what's so beautiful.'

Solid Christian faith needs to be based on facts, tested by tough questions and good answers ... then confirmed by feelings.

Doubters and unbelievers

This site is about doubters and unbelievers – hundreds of millions of them – and helping them to understand the gospel through dialog with Christians who have persuasive answers for their questions.

See Doubters and unbelievers page on this site for definition of the term. That page also contains statistics and video interviews.

The way to their hearts and minds is through conversations with persuasive Christians, always remembering that, for most people in most circumstances, the heart cannot accept what the mind rejects. Or, conversely, the heart can accept when the mind is ready to accept.

Removing barriers

The Christian message was simple as expressed by Jesus and his apostles.

But over a span of two thousand years, Christianity has become many different branches – Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentacostal, etc. – and within these branches there are over 5,000 different Christian denominations, each believing that its interpretation of scripture and definition of Christian faith and practice is the correct one. No wonder doubters are confused!

Over time, theologians and pastors within each denomination have formulated explicit doctrines of faith. Many of these doctrines, though good in themselves, are not what Jesus taught and/or not grounded in scripture – just extra baggage, creating enormous barriers to Christian faith for doubters.

This site identifies many of the major barriers and examines them in scrupulous Bible study. This site shows how to remove these barriers in conversations with doubters.


Writer for this site is Richard Lundborg, writing from perspective of people on the street rather than theologians in the seminary.

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Statement from writer
I WOULD PREFER to remain anonymous, but that arouses suspicions, so here is full disclosure.
I write and produce this site myself to help others in their spiritual journey, with nothing expected in return. I'm just eager to share what I've discovered over the years.
I have no theological credentials to offer. I have a full-time law degree and MBA but have never been to seminary. Maybe that's why the presentation here is different from most religious sites. I have studied the Bible carefully for decades, have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and have enjoyed a long and happy Christian life.
I have held management positions in three Fortune 500 corporations ... owned companies of my own (real estate development, mortgage financing and restaurants) ... retired at 49 ... then volunteer consulting with dozens of national and international Christian organizations in strategic planning and fund raising.
I have been a prominent leader in my local church ... traveled in more than 50 countries ... first marriage, three children, twelve grandchildren.
For this site, I have pulled together important information from the Bible, history and science and organized it all to form a comprehensive and coherent theology. Not just bits and pieces, but a structure for the whole of it, summarized, online in one place for quick access, easily shareable. New material is added every week.
I believe that the Bible is the Word of God – the foundation and test for Christian belief. I don't challenge the Bible, but I do challenge some traditional interpretations. I make my case by including many in-depth Bible studies which lay out all relevant Bible statements in a way that enables you to see for yourself what the Bible really says.
This site tells not only WHAT millions of Christians believe, but also WHY. Even if you come to some different conclusions, I trust that this will help you find and articulate the REASONS for your own faith.
Most people read the Bible to affirm what they have been taught. Hopefully, this will help you read it for new discoveries.

Richard Lundborg

Minneapolis MN / May 2020
'ALWAYS BE PREPARED to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the REASON for the hope that you have.'  – I Peter 3:15


There is nothing new here that hasn't already been expressed in the media or on the Internet, or discussed somewhere. The purpose is not to develop something new, but to simplify and make understandable the basic teachings of the Bible.

The Bible itself is the primary information source for this site, with some help from science and history for interpretation. Statements here are the result of direct Bible study, documented here in detail.

This is basic Christianity at the core, stripped of denominational add-ons.

See Tips for using for many ways this information can be used and shared.


This site is produced and funded by Lundborg Foundation as a public service. All funding is from real estate investments. No outside contributions are solicited or accepted.

The foundation has no affiliation with any church, school, business or organization of any kind. It is totally independent and not constrained or influenced by any constituency.

The only objective is to help people better understand Christian faith and experience a better life ... and to share it.

Work in process

This site is still in early stages of development. New materials and edits are added every week. Come back often for review and fresh content.


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