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This site is for Christians wanting to learn how to answer the hard questions doubters and unbelievers are asking today
Dinosaurs in water during early life on earth before Adam

Did God create everything in six 24-hour days?

Why timing matters

Christians don't care; others do care

The primary reason why getting it right about geological time is important is because it reflects on credibility of the Bible in the minds of unbelievers.

Christians rarely raise this as an issue, but to others, it's a major issue and a barrier to faith.

Man thinking about Bible credibility

People have been taught in school ever since first grade that the universe is 13.8 billion years old ... but most Christians say their ancient book, the Bible, says that God made everything essentially in its present form less than 10,000 years ago, all in six calendar days.

Most Christian fail to understand how weird – and wrong – that sounds to unbelievers! It makes people conclude that if the Bible is wrong about when life began, the Bible is probably wrong about other matters, too. If the Bible isn't trustworthy regarding our origin, it isn't trustworthy regarding our destiny either.

Accurate dating is objective fact in the modern world

Dating events that happened ages ago is no longer a matter of opinion and guesses but is now a science that can be cross-verified by many modern testing methods.

There are two ways that God reveals universal TRUTH to us: Nature (general revelation) and the Bible (special revelation).

What God reveals in nature cannot contradict what He reveals in Scripture, and vice versa, because God does not contradict Himself.

Truth is truth, no matter from what perspective we see it.

Here we encounter the word 'day' (of creation), which, in the minds of many people, causes a major contradiction between science and the Bible. Either (a) science is wrong or (b) the Bible is wrong, or (c) our interpretation of the Bible is wrong. Which is it?

The objective of this Bible study is to answer that question and hopefully remove a major barrier to Christian faith, so more people can find Jesus as Savior.

PURPOSE: Help Christians engage in intelligent conversations with doubters and unbelievers

If everyone were a Christian, this topic would be unimportant, hardly worth mentioning. From a Christian viewpoint, with regard to salvation and daily living, it makes absolutely no difference whether God created the world in a short time or a long time.

But this Bible study is not intended for Christians who want to stay inside their Christian huddle, but for Christians who want to venture out and share their faith with doubters and unbelievers.

On the outside, Christians will encounter many questions about origins – timing and methods – and this study can prepare them with ample information to engage in intelligent conversation with anyone on this subject.

People can't get answers to their questions

Questions above are examples ...

In interviews with people who have left the church, and with people quietly in the process of leaving, and with people outside of the church who have posed hard questions to Christians, one of their greatest disappointments with the church and Christians is that they cannot get straight and informed answers to their questions.

They say that most Christians just parrot church phrases and themes at surface level but cannot give personal reasons why they believe, except that that's what they have been told in their church tradition.

Church has become so professional that Christians just give a book, a web link, orange invitation to a meeting, but cannot articulate what and why they believe personally or give evidence of any personal thought and investigation.

This question is a good conversation starter too

If share your faith with other people, questions like the above will come up and you will be able to give an intelligent and persuasive answer.

Also you can use this question – Do you think there were people before Adam? – to start conversation with believers, doubters or unbelievers, almost anyone. Interesting topic.

It helps flush out misunderstandings that can be clarified. Could be serious barriers to faith

Get prepared here

This study, plus dozens like it on this site, will give you information you need to process what you personally believe and prepare you to share with others.

This is just one of dozens of topics on this site that will prepare you.

Broaden your own spiritual horizons.

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Tough questions people are asking

Does the Bible really say that the earth and everything in it was created in six 24-hour calendar days?

Are scientific claims and Bible claims incompatible with respect to early life on earth?

How could vegetation be growing in Day 3 but the sun didn't come until Day 4?

Does the Bible say anything about dinosaurs and hominids?

Can a Christian believe in evolution of any kind?

Doesn't it diminish God to think that it took Him billions of years to create a universe that an Almighty could have created in days?

If the Bible is proved to be wrong about origin (which can be tested), how can it be trusted for destiny (which is by faith)?

Does a person have to make a choice between believing settled science (universe is billions of years old) or believing what most church-going Christians say (God created everything recently in six 24-hour days)?

How can a Christian give an intelligent and compelling biblical answer to people who think that Christians – and the Bible – are flat-out wrong in saying that nothing on earth is older than about 6,000 years (time of Adam)?

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Thinkers Bible Studies / Topic 1.2


Did God create everything in six 24-hour days?

for an informed answer
Insight 1: Bible credibility

Why timing matters

The real issue here is whether or not the Bible is a credible book of truth. People conclude that if the Bible is wrong about our origin, it's probably wrong about our destiny too. This is a big barrier to faith.
Insight 2: yō·wm is Hebrew word for Bible creation day

'Day' (Hebrew yō·wm) is an 'age'

From the original Hebrew manuscripts, the word 'yō·wm' has been translated as 'day' in English. This is a correct translation but it can mean either a 24-hour period or a long indefinite time, depending upon the context. See how a careful reading of the creation account in Genesis 1 shows that 'day' is a long period of time.
Insight 3: What God created in each 'day'

What God created in each 'day'

See what God made in each stage of His master design plan. The sequential order is not intuitive, but now confirmed by modern science. The ancient writer of Genesis could not have known God's method and sequence more than three thousand years ago without special knowledge direct from the Creator.

Meaning of 'evening' and 'morning'

The Bible uses a repetitive phrase at the conclusion of each stage of creation, but that doesn't necessarily mean a 24-hour period. In fact, time as we know it didn't even exist until creation of the sun in Day 4.

Evolution is only within walled categories

There is abundant evidence of evolution within each major category of life, but a life form in one category never morphs into a life form in another category. Humans are not evolved but are a special creation in God's own image. The attributes that most define humans – intellect, laughter, music, art, mathematics, language, worship, etc. – are not evolutionary.

Real age, not 'apparent age'

The apparent age theory says that the earth is not actually old but just looks old. This theory is not biblical, requires a world of fakes, and is incompatible with God's character. God is not deceptive.  

Eight reasons based on what the Bible actually says

This Insight lists eight passages of scripture which show, right from the Bible, that creation 'day' is longer than a 24-hour calendar day. See the verses that are usually overlooked in a casual reading of the first three chapters of Genesis.

Tradition vs. Bible

Common Christian belief about the days of creation comes more from tradition than from the Bible. Theologians have debated it for centuries. Prominent theologians have concluded that the Bible does not compel a 24-hour meaning for each 'day.' See reasons why this topic is usually buried in silence.

Here's where we combine the eight Insights to get an informed biblical answer: Did God create everything in six 24-hour days?

The insights here are like pieces of a puzzle. Put the pieces together and see the big picture! Now you'll be prepared to engage intelligently and coherently with anyone on the subject of God's creation days. Also see reader comments.
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Helping Christians engage in intelligent and coherent conversations with doubters and unbelievers