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Dinosaurs during early life on earth before God created Adam
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Was the BIG BANG God's method?

Science is not the enemy

There is only one truth

There can be no difference between true science and true Christianity because both seek truthand there is only ONE TRUTH!

Science and Bible both seek truth

Science inquires into the physical, and Christianity inquires into the spiritual. They make different inquiries in different ways, but both are part of the same quest for truth.

Conflicts between science and the Bible have resulted from a lack of knowledge at particular times in history but are eventually resolved with new discoveries about God's design.

Christians believed the earth was flat

In earlier times, Christians fought the theory advanced by Pythagoras that the earth is round, not flat.

They argued from four Bible verses that refer to 'the four corners of the earth.' The earth can't be round, they said, because the Bible says it has corners.

And they argued from eight verses that say 'to the end of the earth.' The earth can't be round, they said, because round has no end.

Christians once quibbled over 'corners' and 'ends' the way we quibble over 'days.'

Christians believed the earth was stationary

Christians also fought the theory advanced by Copernicus that the earth revolves around the sun.

They said Psalm 104:5 ('He established the earth upon its foundations ...') and Psalm 93.2 ('... the earth is firmly established, it will not be moved') state clearly that the earth is not moving in space but is built upon firm foundations.

Christians quibbled over 'established' and 'foundations' the way we quibble over 'days.'

Christians believed the earth was the center of the universe

Even though they were unable to find any supporting Bible verses, Christians believed as a matter of principle that the earth occupies the central position in the universe because of its special God-given role.

They believed that the earth is the largest object and that the sun, moon and stars move across the sky subservient to the earth, which is the point of reference and purpose for everything in the universe.

They quibbled over 'center' the way we quibble over 'days.'

Beliefs changed with new knowledge

Eventually, with more knowledge, Christians accepted the fact that the earth is round, rotates around the sun, and is not the center of the universe.

These issues have nothing to do with Christology (the birth, life, teaching, death, atonement, and resurrection of Jesus Christ) but they are crucial to credibility of the Bible.

Conflicts in understanding and terminology are usually resolved over time as God allows us to make more discoveries, but many unnecessary controversies in the meantime erode confidence in the Bible.

Today, deep study of both the Bible and science can reconcile God's word with God's world. Properly understood, science is just our growing understanding of God's marvelous creation.

Science makes the case for a single almighty God

Science and the Bible are not enemies, even though science stops short of acknowledging deity and instead simply calls the cause 'a singularity.'

However, science makes a case for belief in a single almighty Designer/Creator God – ONE GOD, not many Gods.

For most of human history, people believed in a pantheon of gods. They believed that hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, and diseases were the wrath of angry gods who had to be appeased with offerings and rituals.

Many early Christians were persecuted and even put to death because they did not honor the local gods and thus were blamed for bringing harm upon their community.

Science has been a great help to Christianity by revealing a single master design plan, leaving no doubt that a pantheon of gods does NOT run the world and that natural disasters and illnesses are NOT caused by wrath of the gods but by natural laws emanating from an intelligent and predictable master plan for the universe.

For most people in the United States today, the choice is not which deity to worship, but whether or not to acknowledge and obey the ONE Designer/Creator God.

Science is agnostic about God

Many Christians think that an objective of science is to disprove the Bible. The reality, however, is that science is nothing more than millions of inquiring minds that pool knowledge about discoveries in the natural world.

Science is not a monolithic entity, and most scientists don't care one way or the other about God or the Bible. For most of them, God is an irrelevant and futile inquiry. Most scientists are agnostics, not atheists.

All science cares about is learning how the natural world works and how to accelerate accumulated know-how for improving human existence.

Science is not threatened by Christians. It's the other way around. Christians are threatened by science.

Generally speaking, Christians should regard scientists as inquisitive people who are discovering the marvels of God's creation without recognizing or acknowledging deity. That's not the same as being an enemy.

Christians should pay close attention to new scientific findings because often they are useful in reconciling God's word with God's world.

SCIENCE is discoveries in God's physical design plan
THEOLOGY is discoveries in God's spiritual design plan

Thinkers Bible Studies / Topic 1.1


Was the BIG BANG God's method?

for an informed answer
Insight 1: Bible credibility

Why the Big Bang matters

For the past 30 years, students in virtually all public schools and universities everywhere have been taught the Big Bang theory. But most Christians believe this is heresy to Christian tradition and that a stark choice must be made either for science or for the Bible. Most young people today are choosing science and rejecting the Bible. This tragic loss of Bible credibility is caused by misunderstandings which need to be corrected.
Insight 2: yō·wm is Hebrew word for Bible creation day

What the Bible says about the Big Bang

Contrary to what most Christians believe, the Bible says that the earth was NOT created instantly in its present form. See the verses in Genesis 1 which show how God used the Big Bang as a method to form the earth over time, as modern science is now discovering.

Science catches up with the Bible

One hundred years ago, most scientist believed that the universe always existed. They scoffed at the Bible for saying that the universe had an instant beginning. See the dramatic story of how all that has changed. Now science – with the Big Bang theory – agrees with the Bible.

Science is not the enemy

There can be no difference between true science and true Christianity because both seek truth. There is only one truth. Science inquires into the physical and Christianity inquires into the spiritual. See how both have been wrong at various times in the past. Eventually conflicts are resolved with new information. Science is agnostic, but not the enemy. Science makes the case for a single almighty God.

Tradition vs. Bible

Most Christians believe that God created the universe in six 24-hour days, but that’s not what the Bible says. By stretching the Bible, blindly defending tradition, and fighting scientific discoveries, Christians are inadvertently helping science to become the new god in America.

Proof of God

Some people, whether sincere or just for argument, say it’s impossible to prove that God even exists. Actually, it's possible to prove the existence of God by following five universally acknowledged rules of logic. Also see response to the question: Then who made God?

Here's where we combine the six Insights to get an informed biblical answer: Was the BIG BANG God's method?

The Insights here are like pieces of a puzzle. Put the pieces together and see the big picture! Now you'll be prepared to engage intelligently and coherently with anyone about what the Bible says about the Big Bang. See list of five reasons why the Big Bang is compatible with the Bible. Also see reader comments.
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Helping Christians engage in intelligent and coherent conversations with doubters and unbelievers