Helping Christians engage in intelligent and persuasive conversations with doubters and unbelievers
People today are asking hard questions,
but most Christians don't know how to answer
Get prepared here with compelling biblical answers!

Each topic is a Bible study

Big Bang
Universe begins with a divine spark
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Bible Creation 'days'
Earth cools and God brings life
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People before Adam
Prehistoric life before 4000 BC
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Garden of Eden
First time God speaks to man
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How did I get here?
TOPIC 1.1 (online now)
Big Bang
Universe begins with a divine spark
TOPIC 1.2 (online now)
Bible creation 'days'
Earth cools and God bring life
TOPIC 1.3 (online now)
People before Adam
Prehistoric life before 4000 BC
TOPIC 1.4 (online now)
Garden of Eden
First time God speaks to man
Chosen but free will
God offers, individuals decide
Old Testament
History of ancient Israel
Difficult stories
Things we don't understand
Between times
Growth of population and knowledge
Why am I here?
Modern age
Search for meaning and purpose
Jesus Christ
Pivot point in history
God's trinity, man's trinity
New Testament
God's message to us today
Transformed lives
God's character
Holy, just, loving / apparent dilemma
Sin / salvation
God's offer of pardon and eternal life
Christian living
Loving God, loving others
Spirit world
Beyond our senses
TOPIC 2.10
Christian community
Church, extending God's love
TOPIC 2.11
Assembly, sacraments and practices
TOPIC 2.12
Family / government
Group objectives and action
TOPIC 2.13
Work and play
Accomplishments without idols
TOPIC 2.14
Sharing personal faith
Sharing what happened
Where am I going?
Pain and suffering
Why bad things happen
Critical choices
Decisions determine destiny
Worst sin
Ignoring God, rejecting offer
After death
Resurrection, judgment, heaven and hell
Exchange offer
Jesus' once-for-all sacrifice
Informed faith
Not blind faith, informed and sensible
Other ways?
Respond to what offered
What if ...
Weighing the options


Better and easier today

Twenty-five years ago, intensive Bible study required many physical books, and finding exact information required tedious searching. Today, an astounding number of relevant books and articles on every subject are available to everyone on the Internet, indexed and ready for instant access.

Before the Internet, most people were unable study the Bible in depth and had to rely heavily on others to tell them what particular passages say and mean.

Back then, most Bible studies were fill-in-the-blanks type written by authors within each theological belief system who would focus on certain passages to steer readers to pre-determined conclusions, with the primary purpose of affirming what the group already believed.

Now the Internet can put an entire free Bible library into anyone's pocket or purse, laptop and desktop, with dozens of side-by-side English translations and cross-references plus interlinear translations from Hebrew-to-English and Greek-to-English.

Today, with assistance from the Internet, people can read with their own eyes and think with their own minds. This builds deep understanding and solid faith.

Authority on this site

In the past, Bible studies were built and promoted primarily upon the credentials and reputation of the author of the study, and the study would frequently quote celebrity theologians, pastors and writers for extra support.

This site – Thinkers Bible Studies – is a new kind of Bible study for the modern age. This site makes no mention of contemporary names or writings. The only authority on this site is the Bible, and only the Bible is quoted.

The purpose of this site is simply to lay out all relevant Bible verses on each topic in order to make the study complete in scope and easy to understand.

To the extent that opinions are wanted from outside sources, the Internet has plenty to offer.

Ultimately, each person should develop an informed personal belief about each major issue of Christian faith, based on actual study of scripture, not constrained by tradition, guided by the Holy Spirit. This will give the answers and confidence needed for conversations with doubters and unbelievers.


This site can strengthen you in an important area of your Christian life
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sharing your faith with doubters and unbelievers
Thinkers Bible Studies will help you become a more confident, respected and persuasive Christian
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Most people can tell if you are speaking from your own study and thought or if you are just parroting a party line. Millennials and Gen Zs in particular – now more than half of the U.S. population – do not give serious attention to people who are not authentic. They are turned off by canned answers.

You will feel good about yourself and useful to the Lord if you take time now to know exactly WHAT and WHY you believe – and be able to point to it in the Bible yourself – based on your own investigation and spiritual processing.

This will give you confidence and conviction for everything you say, and others will know that this is really YOU, not just something you have been taught to believe and say.

On every major topic of concern to unbelievers and doubters, this site will give all relevant Bible verses on the topic, together with analysis and commentary. This makes it easy for you to study because all the verses are laid out for you to read with your own eyes and process with your own mind.

Even if you don't agree with commentary on certain Bible passages, you will become familiar with other interpretations, which will broaden your horizons and make it easier for you to converse comfortably with people of all backgrounds and persuasions.

Tough questions

Most churches and Bible study groups shelter their members from the tough questions people today are thinking and asking about God, the Bible and Christians. In fact, it is usually considered disrespectful, even heresy, to even talk about anything that raises any doubt about any sacred tradition.

In contrast, this site addresses the tough questions head-on and gives you biblical information for intelligent and persuasive response.

People today don't respond well to preaching, holier-than-thou rebukes or arrogant I-know-best statements. They want respectful dialog and sensible answers to their questions ... and, of course, they want to see confirmation in consistent daily living.

Prepare to engage

The purpose of this site is to help you prepare to engage comfortably with anyone on any spiritual topic. (This site is still under development so only some topics, about ORIGIN, are covered at this time ... but other topics are coming.)

This is a resource site, not a once-and-done site. The content is heavy and requires thought, prayer and contemplation. For good preparation, you will need to come back often for verses and connections.

The content on this site is never more than a few clicks away on the smart phone in your pocket or purse. It's so fast that you can even access this site for information during a conversation. (There's a built-in search engine to find subjects and verses in an instant.)

Be a respected Christian

Informed and sensible

Unfortunately, doubters and unbelievers often regard devout Christians as being uninformed and irrational, even somewhat weird or 'stupid' (a word used often behind our back).

It is sad that so many Christians think that it is a mark of spirituality to be misunderstood, ridiculed and out of touch with reality.

We have only ourselves to blame for our deteriorating image. But we can reverse it – at least at the individual level – by learning how to express our faith in ways that are worthy of respect, clearly articulated, sensible and compelling.

Points of view

Good communication always begins by understanding the other person's point of view.

Jesus said we should be known for our love, but, sadly, Christians today are known mostly for intolerance and judgment, for trying to force dogmatic views on other people.

Most Christians don't listen enough, or closely enough, to the thoughts of doubters and unbelievers, and consequently spiritual conversations are usually brief, shallow and somewhat tense.

This site helps convey what others are thinking and provides information to keep the conversations going, to arouse interest, to build bridges between differing views, and to do all in a respectful and gracious manner.

People will come to you

If people respect you – and if you are vocal in your faith – they will come to you for opinions, advice and help in resolving spiritual confusion. No particular plan or strategy is needed. Just develop a reputation for good answers to tough questions.

Be a persuasive Christian

Remove barriers

Over the centuries, people – particularly theologians – have made Christianity unnecessarily complicated and convoluted by adding rules and concepts not actually stated in the Bible, and now they have become barriers to faith.

This site is identifies common doctrinal barriers that are turning people away from God and the Bible, such as issues relating to science and age of the earth ... everyone guilty for Adam's sin ... burning in hell forever for rejecting Jesus even if never heard of him ... God predestining everything so really no free will ... God said to have power to overcome human affliction but does nothing ...

This site has deep Bible studies on these topics to help you in conversations with people who haven't been able to get past their view of a God that is short on love and justice.

Create desire for more

A persuasive Christian arouses interest in spiritual topics, raising them to the highest level of awe and importance. Give good answers to want to know more.

You won't act threatened or caught off-guard.

You'll use the questions to continue, arouse further interest and show that you know what you're talking about.

Out of the bubble into the real world.

Motivate for action

A persuasive Christian leads people to action, personal action and corporate action. Knowledge of what the Bible really says is only the first step. Then translate the knowledge into action.

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Helping Christians engage in intelligent and persuasive conversations with doubters and unbelievers
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